Trying to learn circular knitting

I decided that i wanted to knit a hat for my boyfriend.

I found a nice pattern and got the right gauge wool (i think) and the right size circuar knitting needle and cast on following th pattern.

Howver i found that the number of stitches didnt fit all the way around the needles so i couldnt knit. I havnt been able to find a smaller needle so now im not sure realy what to do.

any help and suggestions would be apreciated


The length of the needle can’t be larger than the circumference that you want to knit.

You could check out Magic Loop or knitting with two circs to use circular needles, or use double-pointed needles.

For a hat…the 16 inch circular needles are what you want if you don’t want to use two circular needles or Magic Loop…but at the end when you start making the top of the hat and decreasing stitches, you will have to switch to DPN’s(double pointed needles) or Magic Loop or two circs. I did a hat as my first project …thought it was great…got really scared when I had to switch to DPN’s but it went very well…I just watched the videos over and over. Good luck! Michaels had some 16" bamboo circulars if you have that store around. I eventually bought a kit because I thought it would end up being cheaper.

What length needles do you have? I can knit hats on 24 or 32 inch, but there’s a trick to it. When you go to join and the stitches won’t meet, pinch the cord about halfway around, and push the stitches toward the ends. Join and start knitting. When you get to the cord, do it again. Keep doing this for a couple inches and on the 24" needles, as the work grows you won’t need to do that until you begin the decreasing. On the longer ones, you will need to keep pulling a loop of cord out. This is like the Magic Loop, but you don’t need as long a needle as that recommends (40" or more).