Trying to knit a cable hat

I started knitted a cable hat in the round, and started a rib pattern for the first 3 inches (78 stitches casted on alternating knit and purl every 3 stitches). That was fine for a while, and the size was about right, but then I started the cable section and came to the first row of twisting the cables and noticed the the hat circumference shrunk drastically. Now I’m not sure if the stitches were too tight or if I needed to add more stitches on the twist row to give it more stretch or what. I should probably mention that this is my first time knitting a hat. And in a round. And cable patterns. But at least it’s not my first time knitting anything at all.

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Cable patterns will pull in the knitting. The best thing to do is to add in stitches after the ribbing and before the cable pattern. There’s often an increase or for some patterns, a decrease round after ribbing to make a pattern stitch adjustment.
You can see it in this pattern:

It’s not just the cable row that increases but the entire body of the hat.

Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with knitting lingo, but if I’m understanding this correctly, start increasing the stitch count when the ribbing row is done at about one stitch for every 8 stitches there are, based on this pattern, right?

Yes, that’s right. At least that works for this pattern with this weight yarn. It’s probably a good place to start. You’re really doing the work of designing a pattern so it may take a bit of fiddling with the stitch numbers.

K, thanks!

What is the pattern you’re using?

It’s less a pattern and more… looking at knitted hat designs on google images and see what designs i like. No doubt the reason I had issues with the cables tightening things up too small.

True. Cables can be funny things; they’re not all alike. But learning is good; hopefully you’ll get this worked out to your satisfaction and the next experiment will go better.

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