Trying to knit a beanie, but something keeps going wrong

So, this is my second attempt at knitting a beanie. I have not had problems with anything else I’ve made. I’m doing it as K1, P1* and somehow, one side ends up being taller than the other and having more stitches when I’m working in the same row. I know you don’t have to do beanies in the round, but I am so, so very confused as to how it keeps happening and how I would be able to fix it. I can attach photos if needed to help clarify.

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I think a photo or two would help. You’re knitting the beanie in the round?

So, with the project I was referring to, I was not working in the round on either of them, none of my circular needles are the length that would work for the size of beanie I have been trying to make.

I have attached two images, and both of the projects have done the same thing while I am just knitting along my needles. The other one I fully unwound last night to restart, both have been worked on circular needles the whole time.

I wonder if you might have put your knitting down at some point and when you picked it up again, started knitting in the wrong direction? It’s easy to do that with the rib pattern.

If that’s what happened, a way to avoid it is to make sure the working yarn is always coming off the needle in your right hand.

In your first picture, you have extra rows on the left hand side. I suspect that when you have picked up the knitting after a break, you have inadvertantly worked in the wrong direction. This is easier to do with a ribbed pattern as this is reversible and the right and wrong sides are not immediately apparent. Also, when knitting in the round, the work often turns inside out - which is fine, and a recommended technique when working stranded knitting, but you have to knit around the back of the circle rather than the front. You could attach a removable stitch marker to the front side after a few rows to help you reorientate after a break. The second picture looks ok to me?

Actually, on counting rows in the second picture, it looks like there’s one extra on the left, so the same thing may have happened?

I usually do, but there is a chance I ended up doing it both times, I’m going to restart my project and if it happens again, I’ll come back to this thread.

Do you think it would be worth it to pick up a set of needles so I would be able to work in the round? My current needles are too long for what I was attempting to make in the round. I’m going to restart my project and be more careful with how I knit, and if it happens again, I will come back to this thread.

Check each time you pick up the hat that the working yarn is in your right hand and you should be ok.
One other method for knitting in the round that will work with a long needle is magic loop. You could see if your needle is long enough for that and give it a try if not now, on some future project.

Even if the yarn is in the right hand, if it’s a reversible pattern, and it’s inside out, you can work on the wrong side. I know because I’ve done it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I would recommend putting a marker on the right side. It can be difficult with a reversible pattern to get the orientation right when you take it out of the project bag!