Trying to follow a pattern

I am in the middle of knitting a baby jacket

the row i am working on goes like this:

p12(p2tog.p2)23 times,p2tog,p0,p2(p2tog,p2)22times,p2tog,p7,

could anyone tell me what p0 means

A typo?

Do you have a link to the pattern? How many stitches are you working over?


I’m working a pattern right now where the 0 means to Yarn Over. Would that make sense with the number of stitches?

Ahhh, is it a chart you’re following? Usually O means yo on a chart. The p would indicate a purlwise yo.


I don’t know if this applies for this pattern, but I’ve knitted a pattern before where it was for multiple sizes and there was a K0 instruction to keep the pattern lined up with the larger size.


I thought of it being for a different size, but the text doesn’t seem to indicate that. Unless some punctuation, brackets, parentheses and stuff was left out…