Trying to finish project but it's a mess! Help!

HI all,
I need your help and opinion…
I have knitted a cabled band as the brim of a hat. It is a circle cable, consisitng of 20 stitches, with 3 by 3 crossing. The background colour is black, one cable is white and one cable is red ( these intertwine with eachother ).
7 black, 3 white, 3 red, 7 black
I have used a provisional cast on, with the intention of grafting the band seamlessly. I have unraveled the provisional cast on but have some how ended up with one less stitch on each side of the two colours! so now I have
6 black, 3 white, 3 red, 6 black
I really can’t find these missing stitches anywhere! Funny thing is it doesn’t look wrong, and there arent any stitches coming undone to suggest that I have missed them out!
I don’tknow whats gone wrong, and don’t know what to do…
Do I try to graft it anyway?
Or do I unravel it further down one end and knit further up the other to try and find these missing stitches?
Has anyone had this problem before?
Please help!

It’s normal to lose a stitch with a provisional cast on when you pick them up to go the other way, that’s just how it works. They didn’t go anywhere. you’re just half a stitch off on each end. Go ahead and pick up 2 sts in one of the black ones on each edge and work it in somehow.

Thank you!
I unraveled a few more rows and knitted more rows to make up for it, which didn’t help actually.
So I picked up the missing stitches. I must be rubbish at grafting as it looks very messy… but I’ll just have to deal with it :shrug:
Thank you again!!:muah:

Instead of grafting, could you use a 2 needle bind off? Would a seam on the wrong side fit with the pattern? Just an idea.

You mean a 3 needle BO?

I could’ve done a 3 needle BO I guess… I just thought it being a hat, the fewer the seams the more comfortable…
But I’ve done it now… after a lot of fuss and a VERY late night! lol.
Thank you for your suggestions! :muah: