Trying to find this stitch

Hi there! I am new here, so apologies if I do something wrong. (I’m also much stronger at crochet than knitting). I have found this toque and am trying to find ways to create it. Base part is this random popcorn-y stitch. Would anyone know what this bauble-looking stitch is so I can search patterns? I looked for ‘popcorn stitch adult toque’ but nothing looks right. Thank you very much!!
Pics can be seen here :

Hi and welcome! Do you mean those giant bobbles at the bottom? Looks like it’s just a pompom. I’m not sure you’ll find something that specific. There are lots of cat hats though. Check Ravelry.

Hi, thanks the reply! I should have been more specific, sorry. I mean on
the actual toque (3rd picture shows it best, back of the hat). Just
randomly placed popcorns is the best way I can describe it

Oh I see. I don’t see anything quite like that, but I did find some bobble hats. There are also loads of cat hats so you might be able to add bobbles to one. As long as you add them randomly and not in a set pattern you might get a look you like. Here’s a few.

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These are perfect! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it

Jan’s right about just regular bobbles working for this. But looking closely, it looks like there’s a tree shape running up the back of the head and the random application of the bobbles is actually so that they’re on the branches of the tree. I think it’s a combination of knits and purls so the bobbles are on a background of purls and then some 1x1 cable stitches to branch off the branches. It’s possible the trunk of the tree is where they hid a seam.

From the colors of the hat and the shape of its face, I believe that is a fox. Not a cat. You might find something closer by searching for a knit fox hat pattern rather than a cat hat.