Trying to find a yarn

I was just watching knitting daily episode 707. They made this awesome green and grey ruffled scarf with a ribbon that had little loops across the top to knit. Where can I find the name of the yarn? I havent found a picture of just the scarf yet but if I do I will post it. Does anyone know what type of yarn it is or where to find said yarn? Thank you for any help.

I think you are referring to “self-ruffling” or “ruffling” yarn. Several companies make it.

I didn’t see the show (not on in my area), but is it something you can see here?

I think that show used the Flamenco yarn from Trendsetter. You should be able to Google it and find online sources.

Ripple, Tinseltown or Katia’s Rizos are the 3 I have used. They all came from Knitting Fever. I will try to post a picture again.

I made a lot of these for Christmas. They are really fun and easy!

ok. Thank you everyone.

There are a few different types of yarn to make the ruffled scarves I believe you are talking about. I get my scarf yarns from They also have a retail site in NJ @ http://beadadyxyarn,com I have been purchasing from the wholesale site for several months and love the yarn, price and selection. And the greatest part is that all of the proceeds go to help women in third world countries. Doing mission work myself, I really can understand the need that these people have.

Have a Great Day!

Sorry, The correct link to retail site is