Trying to figure out how to


OK so last year I made a knitted 4 color two sided fairs isle scarf . If that makes since. It was different on the reverse side one side was white and gold and said nice and the other side was red and black and said naughty with different dear but same generally other then that.

I was wondering if there was a better way I could knit the two sides at the same time because it was way to thick for a scarf and uneven. I used to big of a yarn size so I have smaller size yarn to reattempt.
Is there a video or technique I need to learn. I have Googled but I’m having a hard time finding double sided multi color help lol.


What if you knit it flat, twisting the background colors when you change from one side to the other? So the designs would still be stranded knitting but the background would be intarsia.


What do you mean twisting the background colors.
I’m not quite familiar with knitting terms yet. What is stranded knitting is that like normal knitting.
Intarsia I’m going to have to look that up


Here’s a video for intarsia that explains twisting the strands

and one for stranded knitting


Double knitting will result in two ‘public’ sides of a project. Side ‘a’ in your example, will be white and gold and side ‘b’ will be red and black. There is no wrong/private side. Double knitting tutorial. The fabric will still be thick, depending on yarn weight. It took me a while to wrap my head around the technique…once learned, it’s a piece of cake. I’ve been making hot pads out of some ancient, sort of fuzzy, bits and bobs of 100% Icelandic wool that’s been hanging around my studio. In future, when I use up the yarn bits I have, I will use 100% wool that has a smooth finish. My 2¢