Trying to figure out how to make this <<this!! I want to make this its so beautiful. i asked her about it and she responded with knitter talk that i dont understnad.

“It’s just a braided cable with two stitches in each “strand”, with two stitches between each pair of cables…no real pattern.”

would someone more experienced decipher this?

this is her blog. she makes really beautiful stuff.

If you’re not comfortable “winging it” you might want to look for a pattern, lol, but here is what I would do, if I were going to wing it…

I’d knit a gauge swatch with my yarn and multiply my gauge by the desired hat circumference…so if I was getting 4 stitches per inch, and I wanted the hat to be 20 inches around, I’d cast on 80 stitches. I’d knit whatever kind of edging I desired (ribbing, or stockientte if I wanted a roll-edge hat), then begin the pattern rows:

R1: P2, K6

R2: P2, K6
R3: P2, Cable 1
R4: P2, K6
R5: P2, Cable 2

Cable 1: Move the first 2 knit stitches to a cable needle, and hold to front. Work the next 2 knit stitches, then the 2 from the cable needle. Work the next 2 knit stitches, then p2.

Cable 2: Knit 2 stitches. Then slip the next 2 to the cable needle and hold to back. Knit the next 2, then the 2 off of the cable needle.

Repeat rows 2-5 until it’s the right lenght to begin the descreases…then figure out how to do the decreases… :??

runs off to do some math

oh she means strand as in strand of cable not strand as in yarn! ive never heard it called a strand. thanks for all of your very involved help i really appreciate it! i didnt expect that someone would wnat to help me with everything! the math for a hat i can do on my own, im just not used to terminology and i didnt know if she was double stranding something or what.

ive never done cable and ive never seen a cable that looked like this. its truly beautiful. so woodly and natural. i adore it. id like to be able to capture that feel of it. so this “braided cable” is something common, i guess.