Trying to decide my Ravelry user name

So I’ve finally gotten my Ravelry invite. Woo hoo! :cheering:

But now, as silly as this may be, I can’t decide upon a user name.

LisaKay is taken.
Lisa is taken.

I always hate picking a user name. I’m not very creative in this area. (Which is a surprise based on my KH user name, huh? :teehee:)

I’m open to suggestions…:think:

I tried to stick as close as I could to my KH one so it would be less confusing. I’ve had a few people who made me a friend and I had no idea who they were/are! :doh: :teehee:

I think it’s case sensitive so maybe you could adjust that as well as get creative… ?



Maybe you could do LisaK. Instead of having Kay, put K. Not the most original of names, but it’s simple and easy to remember :slight_smile:

I thought about trying to get creative and create something totally different than my KH user name, but…

a) that would have taken me forever, and

b) I do want something similar to my KH user name to make it less confusing.

So LisaK it is!

:cheering: Glad you found a name. I’ll probably go with knitncook there too unless someone already has it. :pray: I’d hate to have to think up a new name.

I’ll probably use dawnk777, or amsun, depending on which is available.

dawkk777 and knitncook are both available. Those are different enough I don’t think it’ll ever be a problem. :wink: