Trying SUPER DUPER hard!

Hey guys! I am knitting a new scarf in white sheep’s wool for myself, mother, and cousins. I was wondering though…I keep on dropping stitches. How can I fix that? Thanks knitters lol!:muah:


Are you asking how to how to not drop stitches or fix a dropped stitch?

There is no trick really for not dropping them in the first place. If you are working on the tips of the needles maybe move back on the needle a bit. And always slide your work to the center of the cable or the other end of the needle when you leave it for awhile…that’s one way that stitches get dropped.

If you want to know how to fix a stitch once it’s dropped check this video page.

You didn’t mention what type of knitting needles you’re using.
But, from experience in teaching others to knit…I’ve found that bamboo needles (or any wood type) are easier for new knitters to work with, and fewer stitches escape off the needle.

Slick metal needles provide a great escape for stitches!

Also, what Jan said is also great advice. Just thought I’d comment on the needle type. It can make a huge difference.