Trying striped socks, but need advice

Hello Knitters,
I am fairly new at knitting and have been knitting socks and scarves. I am now ready to try striped socks. I have been practicing the “carry” method using the rib pattern on dbl pointed needles. When I twist the old color around the new color, is there any way to hide the twisting? I definitely do not want to cut and weave because, it might make the socks too bulky. I want to make the stripes as neat as possible. I am actually trying to knit with three colors, so would it still be ok to carry the yarns each row?
Thank you so much for your help.


If you’re changing colors every row, so only carrying each color up 3 rows till you use it again, then I think you’re OK to carry and not cut.

I’m confused why you need to hide the twisting - it’s in the inside of the sock so it won’t show, isn’t it?

yes, thank you. You are right. The twisting should be on the inside anyway. I’ll try this out and have fun with it.