Trying something new... not working

hey all, I was sooo inspired by all of your fo’s and wip’s that I thought I would try to take on something new. I am desperate to try to make socks, so I went through the cozy whisper slippers pattern thinking I could maybe do it. (btw 1st attempt at going w/a pattern). of course I am lost at step one. As I understand, the st st is k1p1 or k2p2, so im trying to do the purl, but I don’t think Im doing it right. I went thru amy’s videos but it doesn’t really help… I may be a bit off when it comes to applying things I see :grrr: When you try to put the yarn in front, how do you do that? do you go over the back and then around the top needle? does this make any sense? :gah:
the pattern says to do 5" of st st, and I cant even get that far!

Stockinette st is knit 1 row, purl 1 row. K2, P2 or k1, p1 is ribbing. To move the yarn from back to front (or front to back) move it between the needles. When you go over the needle it results in something like a yarn over (YO) which is used in making lacy holes in a work.


suz-thanks for the clarification on the ribbing vs stockinette stitch. I feel a little silly now :roflhard:
thanks for the advice on the purl too! I will keep trying. Im just not getting the purl in the middle of knit, it seems awkward to me :wall:

Think of your needles as a drawbridge…when you get ready for a purl stitch, bring the needle tips apart, bring your yarn forward, then purl. When it’s time to knit again, bring your needles apart again, take the yarn back, and knit.

That’s why I don’t do much ribbing anymore… :wink:

But don’t worry, with practice it will get easier.


[color=indigo]I find it awkward, too, and dislike doing ribbing. But it’s a [/color]necessary evil for sock knitting.

yes, it seems so, but I REALLY want to knit those darn socks! so I guess I will just sit in front of Amy’s video during the ribbing part! :teehee:

Something else you could do is take some leftover yarn and practice knitting in ribbing. It doesn’t need to be the same type of yarn or needles as your socks. Once you’re better at it, it won’t be so bad.