Trying Something Different

I was at a bit of a loss as to what I wanted to cook for dinner tonight. I picked up some chicken breast tenderloins at the grocery the other day but really hadn’t decided how I was going to prepare them.

I decided to put them into a roasting pan, cover them with marinara sauce, and just bake this mess in the oven to see what happens.

I’ll serve it over spaghetti along with a nice spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

I have no idea how it’ll turn out but it’ll be something different. :rofl:

Sounds like a chicken cacciatore variant. Hope your breasts turn out good. :teehee:

It sounds really, REALLY good!

:mmm: What times dinner?:teehee:

Yeah, that’s the basic idea.

Thanks :teehee:

Should be ready around 6:00 :mrgreen:

Wow - I’m hungry. :slight_smile:

Oh YUM!! :mmm:

I’m impressed you’re such a gourmet chef !!

I make a version of this with chicken breasts and I add a little white wine and some italian diced tomatoes (straight out of the can juice and all) and bake it in the oven without the marinara. Then I serve it with Garlic Bread and a salad.

Then you cut up the leftovers and add it to spaghetti sauce for another meal.

The acid in the wine keeps the chicken nice and tender.

Guess I know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow night !!

Nah, no chef here, I just throw some stuff together and hope for the best :rofl:

Your recipe sounds quite good, I may have to try that.

Take the boneless/skinless chicken breasts, dip 'em in egg, dip 'em in bread crumbs, fry until golden, whip them in a baking dish and cover with marinara and mozzerella cheese. Voila, instant chicken parmesan.

Sounds good. I was kind of in a pinch as I am out of flour, out of eggs, etc. Just had to improvise.

How did it turn out? I need to know…I am a terrible cook (read: a lazy, lazy cook;)) and I am always looking for EASY and FAST recipes that don’t require me to actually think about what I am doing.

I HATE to cook.


Dang, I couldn’t even understand most of this thread… a very NON-cook here… but hope your meal turned out well… Thank Goodness my husband and son cook… or we would all starve… Uh, seriously… Ask my family!:rofl:

Next time you need something to do with chicken breast tenders try this:
1 lb. of chicken breast tenders
1 cup of diet coke
1 cup of ketchup

mix coke and ketchup-set aside
lightly brown tenders in olive oil or spray with PAM
now pour coke/ketchup mixture over the chicken and simmer till it reduces down and sticks to the chicken and you have a little sauce left.
Put on top of rice if you like or have with a salad and baked potatoe

It turned out to be pretty good.

Crockpots are your friend if you hate to cook. Just dump a bunch of ingredients in and leave it. In 4-8 hours depending upon recipe it’s done and you have your meal.