Trying Out Entrelac

I read a mystery that had knitters in it, working on something called entrelac. I know there is another entrelac thread by cherinec5, but I’m not very good yet at replies with photos, so I thought I’d start from “scratch”, so to speak.

This is a baby blanket I just finished. Someone else had posted photoes of an entrelac pattern with varying stitches rather than color changes, so I found this very soft variegated baby yarn and alternated pattern stitches with stockinette. The blanket is about 20" x 23".

I got the instructions from a book I have; since then, I’ve seen the link posted by cherinec5 (Good work, by the way!). The method I learned starts the foundation row differently, but otherwise it is worked the same. My foundation row had six triangles (the 20" side).

Anyway, here are pics.

Wow! Beautiful! What yarn did you use? Thanks!

Very nice, I do not often see different pattern stitches when entrelac is used.

Ooo, it’s very pretty!

Excellent job, it’s gorgeous!

I used Bernat Softee Baby in “Rock A Bye Baby”. The blanket took about 1-1/2 skeins on size 7 needles. I alternated a seed stitch pattern row with a simple yarn-over pattern row to allow some open work.
Glad you like it!

Very pretty! Beautiful colors, and I love the pattern.

That is gorgeous!

I have some of that yarn… Bernat Baby Softee I think… In rock a bye baby. I think. I know I have some of that tho. It’s DK weight and super soft. :smiley:

Lovely blanket! I really like the lace detail :slight_smile:

Love that blanket! Very beautiful.


Oh wow! This is really great! I’m in awe! :passedout:

great job, it looks fantastic


Very nice!