Trying out DPNs, but the stockinette is

on the inside…isn’t it supposed to be on the outside?

OK, so I’ve been knitting for all of two weeks…which may explain something. :wink:

That happens to a lot of people. Some people do it like that and prefer it. I think it would be confusing.

When you’re knitting with your working needles, make sure that they’re closeset to you with the other needles away from you. I read a good comparison the other day that compares it to as if you were drinking from a cup. You drink from the near side, right? Knit on the near side, too.

…That feels so weird, just trying it out in my head… My sock that I’m working on is coming at me, not going away from me, and the only reason it probably isn’t bothering me is that it’s a tiny little training sock. I guess I could poke it downwards, but then I can’t see my pretty stockinette stitches. :heart:

You can finish it the way you’re going and then just turn it inside out. Not a problem in this case.

Alrighty, I figured it out and watched the video again smacks forehead. Can I use being 35 weeks pregnant as an excuse? :wink: I was working from the far and not the near and had the “upcoming” needles in front and not dangling behind, so I was drinking from the wrong side of the glass.

You can use being 35 weeks pregnant as an excuse for anything! Then you can use hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, etc.

The best excuse is no excuse at all. It is denial…or what I like to call…dismissal. For example in your case, “I KNEW it all along, I just wanted to post the question for someone who is less brilliant than myself”

:rollseyes: :shock: :rollseyes:

You guys really confused me with the “wrong side of the glass” thing… I have no idea what’s going on right now :-p

When you sip from a glass, you drink from the edge closest to you, right?

When you knit with circs or dpns, you knit with the needles close to you and the cord or other needles away from you. This way your knit stitches are on the outside of the tube.

How bizarre…I’ve always knitted with them away from me…

Where do your knits and purls end up?

Well, due to the way I hold my dpn’s the knits still end up on the outside but that’s because the sock is usually coming at me. If I push it through so that it goes down, then they are in the inside.

Whatever works is the right way. :wink: