Trying not to cry

In November,we adopted two kittens from our local cat sanctuary. The male kitten, Casanova, developed fine, grew like a weed and is now a toe-hunting menace. The female, Crackers, stopped growing, started to hold her tail oddly and eventually lost most of the control in her back legs. We were initially told by the vet that it was probably congenital or toxioplasma. A second opinion said she had ‘luxating patellas’ or dodgey knees.

A specialist has now said, having taken blood, that there’s something wrong with her intestines so she can’t digest any food and is basically starving, she’s probably got a viral infection, and there’s a possibility she has FIP. FIP is fatal, nontreatable and is just too horrible to contemplate.

This kitten is my best friend and companion, she’s stolen my heart so quickly and she might be in pain I can’t help. She’s my baby and I might loose her.

She has another vet trip on Tuesday morning, hopefully I bring her home from that visit with the knowledge she can be helped.

Sorry for the splurge. Didn’t manage not to cry.

I’m so sorry for your pain and your kitty’s pain, I totally understand the connection that you feel. I will be hoping against hope for you that you can bring her home with a plan of action - make sure you give her lots of hugs and snuggles in the mean time.

Good luck hugs


I feel for you . I hope that you get good news at your next visit to the vets :hug: :hug:

:hug: :heart: :hug:

Awww, the poor baby, I hope she’ll be alright. Mary

I am so very sorry. I hope and pray that was a wrong diagnosis, and you get better news this time.

Omigod I am so sorry!! :hug: :hug: I have saved a kitten who stayed small but she is perfectly healthy we just don’t know why she stayed small. though the vet always thoroughly checks her to make sure he didn’t miss anything at every appt to make sure. I really hope she doesnt have FIP. That would be so terrible. :hug: :hug:

I hope your Vet can find a treatment for her soon! :grphug:

It’s ok to cry! I hope things turn out ok and I’m really sorry to hear of all of this. :hug:

I am so sorry to hear this! :hug::hug:

A few years ago, I had a kitten and he had FIP. It is truly a horrible, cruel disease! I truly hope your baby does not have FIP and whatever the problem may be it can be controlled with medicine. I’ll be thinking of you and your kitten!

This is Crackers, as of this afternoon.

me too. im sorry!


She’s a real sweety! Hope you’ll get some good news from the vet :hug:Crossed Fingers

Oh geez, they break your hearts don’t they.
best wishes to you and the baby…

I have an Orange and Black Calico like Crackers named Patches. Patches is around 3, so very shy and only comes out from her closet in the evenings… Awww, your baby is so sweet. Prayers and good thoughts for her, Laptop.

FIP is not treatable but is is possible for your kitten to live with it. I have a cat, [B]she is now 5[/B]. We got her from a pet store. She has FIP and has had it since birth I am told. They found it when she went in for sterilization. The vet has us feeding her a prescription diet called KP. Ask him about it next week when she goes again.

Tara is good and healthy, has glossy hair and shiny eyes, is frisky at times and does quite well day to day. She cannot eat any scraps or tuna or anything other than the KD. It is also a good idea to give her bottled water instead of tap water. Every now and then she vomits up the fluids that are hanging around in her system, but otherwise we have no problems.

Don’t give up hope yet! I was devastated when I found out Tara was sick but she does really well. I repeat, [B]DON’T GIVE UP HOPE YET![/B]

What exactly is KIP? Patches has alot of problems with her digestion and throws up alot especially when she eats dry food. I was told she has hairballs.

I am so sorry to hear your news. Keep loving her and hopefully she can be treated and regain her strength.