Trying my hand at crochet and have a few ?'s

I have mastered the slip knot and chain stitch :woohoo: and understand the concept of the single crochet back down into the chain stitch, but after that I get confused. When you “turn” your work after making the last stitch in that row, how do I turn it? Once I finish the row and make a new chain stitch, do I turn the work over or do I just start crocheting again down the same row without fliping it over so that I continuously crochet on the same side… does that make sense? I am not so good at explaining this either. :pout: I have tried watching the videos online, but they go too fast for me to see if they turn the work or just crochet back down the same side:??

Also, I am using a crystal palace wooden hook and finding it hard to catch the stitches to get them pulled through, is there a hook that is easier to use?

Thank you all! I know there will be many more questions to come, this is just the beginnig! I am determined to teach myself this!!!

:slight_smile: Angie

Normally you turn the work over just like with knitting flat.

If you don’t turn the work over that is a crab stitch. I find it difficult to work backwards like that.

Hook style is definitely up to personal preference. I like Boye styles, my sister likes Bates. Your wooden hooks are probably like Bates because it’s easy to carve. Walmart has Boye if you want to try them.

Ok Thanks Mike! I dont think I have been turning the work over all the time, and maybe that is why its not looking as neat as I hoped. I think I have a Boye hook here that I bought a while back, and I will give that a try!!

Hey Craftymomma! Welcome to the wonderful world of crochet! You’re gonna love it once you get the hang of it, I just know it!

I have some videos on my website - - that may help you. Just look on my sidebar under Hooked On Needles Links where you will find a link for Crochet and also a link for Library of Video tutorials. Either of those links will bring you to a list of crochet videos that you can watch and rewatch to see if some of your questions can be answered.

If you still have questions on anything in particular, I’m always happy to demonstrate via video any stitch or technique or method that still doesn’t make sense.

Soon on my website I’ll be answering a question that Merryknitter sent me about a particular pattern she was having trouble with.

Don’t be shy … and keep trying! You’ll get it, then you’ll love it!


Crochet flat (back and forth):

You turn your work just like knitting; flop it left to right and keep the last row on the top for “picking up a live stitch” by pulling a loop trough and up. There are several good sources of drawings for learning to crochet. Here are a few I have as bookmarks.

Crossed Fingers Good luck.


I’ve tried a few brands of crochet hooks and I think Boyes are the easiest to use.

I think the problem people have with Boye is they wrap too close to the hook which throws their gauge off.
The problem I have with Bates is splitting the yarn when trying to pull through.

I agree with both of you. Turning the hook (slot down) does help some with the Bates to prevent splitting. The other problem I have with Bates is the short length between the hook and the thumb tab. Boyes give a longer length barrel.

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]