Trying Mittens Now... Need Advice

I was doing OK until this:

[B]Make Hand[/B]
Put the first 6 sts onto stitch holder for the thumb and cast on
6 sts, join in the round, and knit to the end of the round.
Knit 25 more rounds.

They don’t say from which needle (I am presuming Needle No. 1) and I get the putting 6 stitches onto a stitch holder, however, I don’t get the “cast on 6 and join in the round” bit.

I am thinking to put 6 stitches from needle no. 1 onto a stitch holder, cast on 6 stitches with the free needle from the yarn left at needle no. 3 and join them to the stitches on needle no. 1, thereby making the “hole” to pick up and knit to make the thumb. I’ve searched for some videos but they were less than helpful on this part. I guess this is typical of me that I don’t get the one main thing that occurs naturally to everyone else.

I appreciate any input.

If this is at the beg of round, then yes, the 6 sts would be on needle 1. The cast on sts would go on the same needle your yarn’s connected to on the last st you just knit, so I guess that would be needle 3. Then you knit the rest of the sts on needle 1.

Thanks so much, that is exactly what I did and now have that hole for the thumb.

OK, I’ve finished one and there are no directions for the left handed mitten. Evidently I’m not smart enough to figure it out or I’m too tired, or a combination of them both.

Here is the pattern. Perhaps I’ve missed it somewhere, or it’s another one of those things I’m just not getting.

Under the Thumb instructions it says to repeat for the second mitten. Since these thumbs are right at the beg of round, that puts them on the edges, so the two mittens are reversible, there is no R or L mitten. Just do the same thing you did for the first mitten.

OK, Suzeeq, if you’re ever in Texas I owe you a very [I]very[/I] good meal at a very [I]very[/I] nice restaurant. You’ve helped me immeasurably.

Yum! Thank you.