Trying again-OT What's been keeping me busy this week

Not sure what happended to my post but anyway…The newest addition to my family - Weighing in at 1 lbs. 4 oz…This is Lucy, the sweetest most adorable thing in the world :slight_smile:

squeal! What a cutie pie!!! OMG she looks like a toy!

absolutely precious… what breed is your Miss Lucy?

What a cutie. Hope you’re not up too late.

Your original post was down near the bottom of the page but had no replies to it so I removed it when I saw this thread. Congrats again on the new edition.

what an adorable little baby!:inlove:

Awww, look at her! She’s so sweet!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: She is a Yorkshire Terrier. She will top out at 4 lbs. She’s been very good so far with training and sleeping. Praying it stays that way but she already runs the house so we’re in trouble…

I want one!!

Me too, me too! Aww just lovely. I’ve always want a Yorkie, or a Westie. I bet your having loads of fun getting to know your new furry baby! :teehee:

Sooooooo cute!!!


Be careful. She’ll be in bed with you soon. Such is the case with my dd’s second dog. :teehee:

Congrats on the new arrival!!!

First of all - adorable!!! Totally!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Nobones, i must warn you :lol: :shock:Westies run like crazy and need lots of exercise and they DIG!!! I’ve always wanted one but when i found out the price and the digging thing, the digging turned me off much more:rofling::rofling::rofling: Though the price here is 1000$…:passedout:

I love his little piggy-tail ears!

That is the cutest little dog! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I’ve always wanted a Yorkie. . . maybe one day if I can talk DH into it. But my other animals might get jealous. . .

She’s precious! :inlove: Puppy breath is my favorite scent on earth.

[SIZE=1]We have friends who’ve always fed their Yorkie raw chicken wings and hamburger. He weighs 12 pounds and is not fat. He’s sleek and handsome.

O-M-G!!! A puppy!! She’s gorgeous! I want to cuddle her!

Soon?:roflhard: She’s been in bed with us from the night we brought her home. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!

Aww!! Congrats, Kathy. I got a Pomeranian in March, and her name is Lucy, too. Good name for a little puppy. Have fun with her! She’s adorable!

I would love to see a picture if you have one. I love Poms!

Here’s my baby! This picture is a little old, and she’s much bigger now, at a whopping 5.8 pounds.

Here’s my baby! She’s bigger now, at a whopping 5.8 pounds. :slight_smile: