Trustworthiness of charities?

Hey everyone. This might be a weird question, but I was talking with some people about how I wanted to knit for charity, and they said it’s difficult to send it to a place that takes the stuff you make because your knit items might not actually end up going where you thought. This absolutely horrified me because I had never thought of it, but I guess it is entirely possible that you could send some foundation your knit items and they don’t end up with the people you thought. Do any of you know how to tell whether or not a charity is trustworthy? (And I’ve donated my hair twice now, so I’m worried about that too…) What a downer :doh:I’m definitely wanting to knit some charity stuff, but I want to make sure that it WILL go to the people I hoped, ya know?

Well, my feeling is that one way or the other it WILL go to someone who needs it even if it didn’t end up with whom I sent it to. Here’s a few sites that help evaluate charities although I think they’re only domestic… :think:

Many many moons ago the company that my father worked for then donated tons of powdered milk to a famine relief effort. They stopped when they found out the whole lot was sold on the black market. I tend to support charities that I see actively ‘doing’ and not paying - sorry - CEO’s $160 grand a year. The Salvation Army are favourites of mine and I find the vast majority of refuges really need support because govt funding is reasonably sparse.

A ‘blanket’ is not saleable as such even though I would tend not to donate to a drug centre because some of these folk will hock anything for any amount. In terms of the places that blankets here go to…I tend to think Jan is right; even if the blanket moves on it will find someone who needs it.

There’s a couple of wonderful charities here in the UK for premature babies.

One of them, Ray of Hope, collects all knitted items, little cardigans, mitts, etc., and sends them to hospitals where they are needed.

One hospital might not want little bootees but another hospital might use them, so whatever you’ve knitted you know will go to the place where it’s needed.

I think these days that most [I]bona fide[/I] charities would have a website or some kind of booklet/brochure that would give you the info. you need.

All the Best