Truely A Beginner Here ,But I Want To Learn To Knit

Hello, I have never knitted in my life, I did do some crocheting once, made the weirdest looking blanket only because I didn’t know how to stop and turn the right way and it just grew into a triangle shape ,it was like a king size blanket at one end and a baby blanket at the other end. So I quit. Now at 55 I am hoping to teach myself a new craft. I sew and have made clothes that I still wear. I have brought tons of craft items with the best intent to try and learn something new, but to be truely honest…I have two things that I have brought and never even opened, one is a painting kit with easel and oil paints…I use to paint and draw when I was in high school, thought that one day I might be an art teacher, but I got married and had babies that needed me. The other craft item is something that I talked my DH into buying off of EbAY for me , it’s a Donna DoBerry(sp) one stroke painting kit. There were 7 different kits all in one bid…over $200…that is down in the basement somewhere unopened too!

The only thing that I have gotten into as of late and liked and stuck to is Stained Glass. I went to classes and fell in love with it.DH was the first one to go to classes and when I watched him I knew I had to learn also. We’ve set up a small stained glass studio but we haven’t made anything to sell yet. It all just gets made as gifts so far.

Like I said I have never knitted before , but I truely want to learn and I’d like to be able to knit something that I would be proud to wear. I went to and got ‘Knitting and Crocheting for Dummies’ I also have some books coming from Ebay on the topic, all for beginners.

Now that I have found this site I am hoping that I can learn to knit with the help of those that know how. :notworthy:


Hello, Nana! Welcome to the forum!

Here is another post from a newbie looking for what to get to start knitting. It might give you some ideas, too.

I don’t remember if I posted this link in the other thread, but this site is helpful along with the videos here to get you going.
Lion Brand - Learn to knit

Hi Nana, Welcome to the forum :waving: You’ve come to the right place. Books are ok and they do help, but there’s not substitute for actually seeing the technique demonstrated. Amy’s videos are fantastic. I learned just about everything from them and everyone here is so helpful and friendly. If you have any problems there’s always someone on here to help.

We’ve also got Ingrid the Knitting Goddess who knows all that is knitting. :notworthy:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Hi Nana,
I’m the other newbie. I started watching Amy’s videos and they are amazing. I’m really excited to be getting started. No worries. Together we will figure it out.
Welcome to the forum. These people are incredibly supportive and friendly.

Amy’s videos ? where do I go to see them?

I just got yarn from Wal-Mart it was on sale so I bought all they had of it, now I am reading something on here about Worsted yarn…what is it and does that mean the yarn I got at Wal-Mart is not the right thing to knit with??? :oops: :wall: Hubby’s going to shoot me if I can’t use this stuff.

At the top of the page there are many tabs. One of them says basic techniques. Click on that and you’ll find the videos you need to start with.

You have come to the right place! :cheering:

I’m sure you can use the yarn you got. What exactly did you buy? Do you know about matching the needle size to what it says on the yarn label? Let us know what you got…everybody loves hearing about yarn here. :teehee:

I’m a newbie too and I’ve learned SO MUCH from this website and the wonderful folks here on the forum. :heart:

One yarn is a 4-ply worsted weight 100% acrylic and the other which I bought 15 of doesn’t say if it’s worsted weight it’s 4.5 oz/127g, 105 yd/96m super bulky 6 …? it doesn’t show if it’s 4ply it’s made by ‘Red Heart Baby Clouds’

Do you know about matching the needle size to what it says on the yarn label
nothing! What do I need to know?

which one show a beginner watch 'English or Continental?

Go get one of the labels and take a look at it. I’m not sure if the symbol you use in the states is the same as the ones here, but there should be a symbol that looks like knitting needles and a number under it. Often times the number will say something like 8 - 9. (Just an example.) That means you can use needles size 8 or 9 on that yarn.

Then the big question: what size knitting needles did you buy?

Then the big question: what size knitting needles did you buy?

I have 9.0 , 8 ,6 and and a set of 4 ‘Susan Bates’ double point I think it reads size 7, I got the last ones at GoodWill. don’t have a clue on how to use them. oh and I found a size10 years ago in an old dresser I got at a swap meet.

The super bulky 6 is its weight. A worsted is 4, so the Baby clouds is a chunky thick yarn.

Do you know about matching the needle size to what it says on the yarn label

nothing! What do I need to know?

which one show a beginner watch 'English or Continental?

Don’t use a small needle with that thick yarn - you need an 11 or bigger for it, though the 10 might work, but it’ll be tight. The worsted can be used with anything from a size 6 to an 11 - depends on how dense or loose you like your knitting. I like loose and hate small needles so I use 10 or bigger.

As to whether you should watch the English or Continental, depends if you have a preference already. Or watch both and decide which looks easier for you to understand.


What does worsted mean???

I just checked the size 9.0 needle and I was reading it wrong it reads 13 us /9.0 mm so is this a good size for the chunky yarn?

worsted is pretty much your “standard” yarn weight, think of it as a type of thickness. Chunky yarn is slightly thicker and DK yarn is slightly thinner. look here to read more about yarn weights:

i think size 13 needles would be fine for chunky yarn

Here is another link or two you might find helpful.

Standard yarn weight system
On the left hand side of this page there are also standard size measurements and other helpful links.

Reading a yarn label

I feel stupid here but what does [color=darkred]DK yarn [/color]mean? I now it’s thinner yarn but what is the DK? and what if the label doesn’t show this sign with the yard and a number on it?

DK= double knitting. you can find a video about double knitting in the advanced techniques sections, but you don’t need to be double knitting to use DK yarn.

Welcome, from another Nana. I’m sure you’ll find this site the most helpful thing of all when it comes to knitting. Most of the time there are answers almost immediately too. Hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do.

Welcome Nana. I’m still learning myself. I’m just a dumb old truck driver and if I can learn to knit anyone can. :rofl:

The size 13 should be fine for the chunky yarn. You can can knit with ANY yarn…as long as the needle size is right. (I think it would be darn near impossible to knit a chunky yarn on very small needles!)

As previous posters mentioned, watch Amy’s videos. She explains everything so simply and she repeats everything so you can see it again. HINT: Have your yarn and needles handy when watching so you can practice along with her. Knitting is one of those things that you MUST do as you watch.

Welcome to our world!

DK stands for double knit and would probably be labeled a 3 yarn. In the old days, people would take their fingering/sock yarn and knit it with 2 strands together for sweaters; the double stranded thickness was called DK. At least I think that’s what I remember why it’s called that.

If your 9 needle is really a 9mm, are the other sizes mm too? Just a thought, but that would change things somewhat. Also know that a lot of patterns I’ve seen use a needle size that’s larger than what’s on the label. You can usually go up a couple sizes, you’ll have to figure out what works for you and whether you like a dense or drapey fabric.

The needle sizes on the label aren’t what’s `recommended’ to use for that yarn; they’re just the size that particular yarn got a certain gauge on in order to classify its weight. I have some very thin yarn that’s still called 4 or worsted, using size 10s when it should be called a DK yarn or 3. And some yarn that’s labeled as a DK that’s as thick as worsted yarn. So the labels are a guide to what thickness the yarn is, but after a while, you’ll be able to figure out yourself.