True Love

My husband put an mp3 song on my desktop, without my knowing it, and titled it Dear Wife.

I clicked on it, and here’s what the song was:

Dear heart, wish you were here, to warm this night
My dear heart, seems like a year since you’ve been out of my sight
A single room, a table for one
Its a lonesome town all right
But soon Ill kiss you hello at our front door
And dear heart I want you to know
Ill leave your arms never more

(a single room, a table for one)
Its a lonesome town all right
But soon Ill kiss you hello at our front door
And dear heart I want you to know
Ill leave your arms never more

:cry: :pout: :heart: :inlove:
I was just a cryin’ and a cryin’, that song was sweet to hear. A better surprise, than a bouquet of flowers. He’s such an affectionate man, sometimes.

What sweet thing has your husband done for you lately?

:cry: No husband but my boyfriend who lives far away calls me every morning so his voice is the first thing I hear… He will also leave voice mail on my cell so when I get off work I get to hear him tell me how much he loves me… cloud9

Your husband is a very sweet man… that song is wonderful!

That is so sweet!!!

My DH put new wiper blades on my car. :roflhard: Really though, he does great things for me all the time. And the wiper blades are great because it’s winter here!

Aww! THat’s so sweet! My DH bought me flowers recently to cheer me up :heart:

Your boyfriend sounds good, too. Calls you every morning!! wow!

My dh took dd out the other day so I could nap. If you don’t have small children, you won’t understand this, but it’s the best, most amazing thing in the whole world. To accidentally fall asleep, and wake up 90 minutes later to an empty house.

Oh man, I’m tearing up over here! DH is deployed, so that one kinda hit me. Soooo sweet. Let’s see, he bounced from computer to phone to computer so we could talk for more than 10 minutes. lol

Aww sounds like everyone has someone special. :inlove:

DH and I work together, so when we walk to work, or anywhere we like to hold hands. But lately it has been much too cold and my gloves are cheap coz I keep losing my good ones. (This is why I wont knit myself gloves haha I’ll lose them) So I have to keep my hands in my pocket for the walk. To make up for the lack of hand holding he will loop our arms together, or keep is arm around my shoulders.

Also, whenever he goes to the store he brings me back some form of chocolate. He knows my weakness. If he were to ever give me flowers, they would be made of chocolate. lol. :teehee:

Aww this thread is making me feel all warm and fuzzy. Haha. DH is so great to me. He’s very easy going, which I am not. He’s totally at ease whenever I need to spend 5 min just screaming my fool head off because I am mad at something, or hurt myself… He lets me freak out. I’ve been waiting my whole life for the freedom to freak out.


Oh, I remember those days! It’s delicious, to wake up to a quiet, empty house, with no one pulling on you.
A 90 minute nap is great. I used to catch 20 minute naps, when my kids were babies.