True Love Socks.. Im stumped yet again

This is the pattern

In the chart portion for the heart pattern there is a section that says :whoosh: “Sl1 k2tg p” taking up to squares (sts) do I really just slip one, knit two together, and purl another stitch??? Why is it only taking two stitch squares? Please help! :hair: :frog: :waah:

It doesn’t seem to say it anywhere, but I think “Sl1 k2tg p” - the “p” means pass slipped stitch over the k2tog (not purl). That will leave you with the 2 stitches.

When you get the pdf file, its the 5th page. There is a chart and towards the end of the 9th row of the chart it says
k2tg p.

It looks like Marilyn is right, that sl1 k2tgp is slip 1, k2tog, then pass the slipped stitch over. You’ll find that the number of stitches per row of this chart varies depending upon the number of increases (yo) and decreases…so even though there are a “representative” number of stitches in the chart, you’ll have more or less than pictured within the chart. Try and knit your way through the chart and hopefully you’ll see what I mean. :slight_smile:

Debra in NC