Trouble with using place markers?

I’m working on this pattern. The first 8 rows involve using 2 place markers to show where to increase. I don’t have any markers, so I just used a couple pieces of scrap yarn instead.

My problem (if it is a problem?) is after finishing those rows, removing the markers and doing the next few plain garter stitch rows, I noticed that I have a V-shaped pattern of holes… I’m guessing from where I knit the stitch following the marker? Is that normal, or was I doing something wrong? It’s the first time I’ve ever used a marker knitting. Thanks!

Since in the pattern you do a m1 near the markers, I am going to guess it has something to do with how you executed the m1. If you are happy with the way it looks, I wouldn’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

oohhh… see, I never even thought about it being from the increase itself… it called for a make one through a backwards loop, which I got direction on how to do from the videos here… now that I go back to look at the video again (to see if I did it incorrectly), I see in the increase explanation that it can cause a small hole. So, maybe that’s how the pattern’s supposed to look! I couldn’t tell because the photo only shows the front, not the back (where the holes will show).

Thanks so much!

It’s probably from the inc sts, not the markers and after you knit a lot more of it and wash or block it when done, then the little holes won’t be as noticeable.

If you really don’t like how it looks, you can try a different type of increase…but I bet they look really cute anyway. You should post a pic when you’re done. I’d love to see them. :slight_smile: