Trouble with thumb gusset!

I’m working on fingerless gloves and i’m stuck. I’m working in the round on dpn needles. The pattern says to K15, pm; M1-L, k1,M1-R;pm, knit rem 16 sts–34 sts. Work even for two rounds. Continuing as est., increase 2 sts inside markers every 3 rnds 4 times–11 [color=darkred]Gusset sts inside markers–42 sts. Work 1 rnd even.[/color]I’ve done everything up to where it says gusset sts inside markers. i don’t understand how to do this even though i’ve watched the sock video. Any tips?

OK, what it’s saying is that you need to do the increases, (two of them, L & R) every three rounds, four times. This will bring your stitch count up from 34 to 42 stitches.

The increases are always done in-between the markers - these are your ‘gusset’ stitches - they will allow you to have flexibility with the thumb while wearing these gloves.

Does that make sense?