Trouble with the Purl Stitch

Ok. So I’m having trouble with mastering the purl stitch. I’ve watched the video several times. I thought that I had it at first, but then I didn’t. It strangely started to look like the knit stitch. I’ve really become frustrated with it. I was wondering if there was an easier way to do the purl stitch. I continued to do it the same way in the video, but it still looks like the knit stitch. If there is a book or a link that would be great. Please help.

You wrap the yarn around it the same way/direction you do the knit stitch. The difference is the right needle is inserted from the back to the front.

Also the back of a knit st is a purl st, and the back of a purl is a knit. So when you do a row of purls and turn it around, the other side will look like knit sts.

I’m new to knitting to so I’m not sure that this will help but the video in this thread (right below this one currently) really made the difference between knitting and purling clear for me. Its teaching to do the k1 p1 pattern but even if youre doing full rows it makes the difference in the stiches pretty clear I think. Hope it helps. I woulda linked the video itself but I’m not sure how. It’s in the second post.

if you do just purl stitch it will have the same result of knit stitch won’t it? Your probably doing it right. Try knitting a few rows of purl then a few of knit stitch and you will see the difference.

That’s true, if you knit all rows or purl all rows, you get garter and they look almost the same.