Trouble with the "Lacy Fern Afghan" pattern

Hi. I am fairly new to knitting, although I have completed an afghan and a poncho project, and have practiced quite a bit. I am trying out the Lacy Fern Afghan pattern from “Under Cover” and have hit a snag VERY early on. I am hoping someone can help me see what I am doing wrong.

My problem comes in with Row 1. I have to cast on 166 stitches, then purl the foundation row. That’s all going along very well of course :). When I get to row 1 though, I run out of stitches. I have restarted this project 4 times and am now hoping I can find someone to guide me because I can’t figure this one out for myself. The directions for Row 1 are as follows:

*K1, p1, SK2P, k10, yo, k1, yo, p2, yo, k1, yo, k10, k3tog, p1; rep from * 4 times, end k1.

My conundrum is this: If I have 166 stitches on my needle, how can I possibly knit 171 stitches? That is the number that I come up with when I add the stitches above together. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong and guide me to get over row 1? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This comes out right for me.

Below are a couple of things to check (and note):

Does the pattern say “repeat 4 times [I]more[/I]”? Because you need to repeat the stitches between the asterisks 5 times total to get to 165 (then add the last stitch after the repeat).

Also, yo’s do not use any stitches to make a new stitch. You are simply wrapping the yarn around the needle (you may want to take a look at the Glossary tab at top to make sure you’re doing these right–'cause you wrap the yarn differently before a purl stitch and a knit stitch).

Both the SK2P and the K3tog take 3 stitches to make 1 (so a decrease of 2 stitches).

There are two things to be aware of when counting stitches in knitting: One is how many stitches you USE, and the other is how many stitches you MAKE.

In this pattern, row 1 will have the same number of stitches as the foundation row (but note: that’s not always the case). So when you count out how many stitches you will USE, it looks like this: regular knit and purl stitches = 27 stitches within repeat + 1 at end; SK2P and K3tog = 6; yo’s = 0 (because you don’t use any stitches to make them) Which gives you 27 + 6 = 33 repeated 5 times = 165 + 1 knit stitch at end.

When you count how many stitches you MAKE, it looks like this: regular knit and purl stitches = 27 stitches within repeat + 1 at end; SK2P and K3tog=2 (this how many stitches are on your needle after you’ve completed each decrease); yo’s = 4; So again, that’s 33 stitches repeated 5 times + the 1 stitch at the end!

Hope I didn’t overwhelm you, but this can get tricky if you’re not thinking about it right.

In addition to the thank you!!!, I want to say that I was knitting 2 in the SK2P, as I thought the direction was to knit 2, rather than knit 2 together(I should have looked that up rather than assumed I knew what to do)…the instruction for repeat is to just repeat 4 times, so I will run through the pattern for a total of 5 times.

My count was off because I was counting SK2P as 4 stitches, rather than 2. This might make up for the loss that I was seeing. I was getting 34 times 5 (170), plus 1, leaving me with the 171 total. Thank you again. I can move forward and hopefully not get stuck again!

OK, sounds like good advice but remember the SK2P takes 3 sts as Antares mentioned and ends up with one st, a double decrease.

Hi. I feel like I am back too soon with another question, but I’m at a loss. When the pattern says to knit the k’s and purl the p’s, what am I supposed to do with the yarn overs? Row 1 has yarn overs intermingled with knits and purls, but my attempt to apply the knits to the yarn overs next to the knits and purls to the yarn overs next to the purls was a failure.

The piece of the pattern takes the row that I started this thread with and says to knit the k’s and purl the p’s in Row 2.

Thank you for your help.

If the YOs are done on the knit row, they’re like a knit stitch so on the next row will be purls. If done on a purl row, they’d be like a purl stitch and would be knit on the next row. It looks like they’re all done on the knit/RS row, so you would purl them on row 2.

Thank you suzeeq! I will give the purling a shot.