Trouble with stripes

Hi, I’m trying to teach myself how to knit with stripes. I’m making a lacy scarf using 3 colors to make horizontal stripes. What I am wondering is if it is better to cut the yarn every time i change colors and weave in all of those ends when i’m done (seems kind of bulky? and uses up a lot more yarn? and a pain?), or can I “carry up” the side to keep using the same continuous strand of yarn for that color. but, if “carrying up” the side is an option, i have many questions becuase i’ve never done it before: what is carrying up? how do you do it? is there any way to hide the nonworking colors as i go up the side if this is a scarf? how wide can the stripes be without the carrying up being impractical? what can i expect it to look like?

or, is there another suggestion of how to deal with changing colors?


Since you’re working with 3 colors, you will have to cut eventually.

If you want to carry up the side, you’ll have to work two rows with one color (Red, for example). Once the second row of red is done, just let the red hang loose. Add another color (green, for example). Knit two rows with green. To “carry” the red, just pick the red again and start knitting. I’m not sure what the maximum rows for carrying is, but I think it’s four rows.

I once knit a pink and mauve scarf out of scrap yarn; it’s one of my favorite scarves :slight_smile: The only cutting I did was at the end of the scarf because I worked 2 rows of pink, 2 rows of mauve … then I just picked up the pink again … mauve … pink …

I hope that helped a little… :?