Trouble with short rows

My Mom and I have been working on the pattern called Heavenly Jacket by Oat Couture. We are having problems with the short rows. Here is what the pattern says:

[B]Row 1 (Right side)[/B]: K3 SFB, turn
[B]Row 2[/B]: P3
[B]Rows 3 & 4[/B]: K6 SFB, turn; P6
[B]Rows 5 & 6[/B]: Knit to last 21 sts., SFB, turn; purl to end of row
[B]Rows 7 & 8[/B]: Knit to last 18 sts., SFB, turn; purl to end of row
[B]Rows 9 & 10[/B]: Knit to last 15 sts. , SFB, turn; purl to end of row

[B]SFB[/B] = Slip the next st. on the left-hand needle to the right-hand needle, bring the knitting yarn to the front of the work between the needles, slip the st. just slipped back onto the left-hand needle. This creates a loop around one st. which is called a “wrap”.
[B]Picking up wraps[/B] = Pick up the wrap onto the right-hand needle tip and knit it together with the stitch it was wrapped around.

My question is about Rows 3 & 4 on. Do you do the K6 SFB, for row 3 and turn and P 6 for row 4?


Do you K6 SFB, turn; P6 for row 3. Then K6 SFB, turn; P6 for row 4?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your first option, the dirctions for rows 3 and 4 are combined…
3 - K6 SFB, turn;
4 - P6

It’s the same with the following rows too; after the turn you’re working on the even numbered rows, which are all purl.