Trouble with reading a pattern

help… pattern reads:

Simple Lace Pattern - Multiple of 2 sts, + 6sts
Row 1 - 6: K

Rows 7 and 9: K3, [YO, K2tog], rep from [to] until 3 sts remaining, K3.

Rows 8 and 10: K3, [YO, P2tog], rep from [to] until 3 sts remaining, K3.

Rep rows 1 - 10 twenty-three more times - 24 patterns completed.

Rep rows 1 through 6 once.

With RS facing, bind off as if to K.

What does the abbreviation Rep mean and in rows 7 - 10, do I keep Knitting 3 and then follow what;s in the brackets all the way to the end of the row, or do I Knit 3 at the beginning aof each row and then only work from the bracket directions until I reach the end of the row?

Pleae help…Not sure what to do.

I’m a new knitter and I am making an adult poncho.


Rep means repeat. You knit 3 and the beginning and end of each row, and repeat whats in the brackets however many times will fit. When this pattern says rep from [to] they’re saying to repeat from one bracket to the next bracket.