Trouble...with posting pics

Hi everyone…

I am having a bit of trouble posting any pics. The system keeps telling me that my pic is too big. Does anyone know how to correct this or make them smaller?

I have some projects under construction and some pics to help another person on her curling cardigan!

Thanks very much for any help available!


You could edit the size using the “Paint” program in Windows.
Start Menu
:arrow: File
:arrow: Open
:arrow: Navigate to your pic
:arrow: Crop/edit size.
:arrow: Save

Try to uploat again …

This is how I edit pics down to a good size.

Hope that helps! Good Luck :slight_smile:

There are a few things you could do Lori. You could save the file as a .jpeg in a photo editing software (i.e. PhotoShop) and it will ask if you want to change the resolution. You want to go to a lower resoultion, but keep in mind the pic may not be as clear on a lower resolution. You can also go into Paint and save it as a bitmap and that should make it smaller also. Those are the two easiest things to do.

Irfanview is a great little program, easy to use, that’s free. I use it as my default image-viewer, because it’s a small program that opens quickly, and it lets you resize and crop images.

Irfanview, you can download it here.