Trouble with my Monster

I love this pattern but I’m having a problem with body part. :wall:

Next Row [WS]: P to end, CO 20 sts at end of row using backward loop method. 24 sts.
Next Row [RS]: [color=red]K to end. Divide sts evenly between needles, place marker, and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist. (RS is facing out.)[/color]
Next Round: K5, work 8 sts in 1x1 Rib, k to end.

Does that mean first knit to the end and then put half the stitches on one needle and half on the other needle?

If I try to do that I end up with the Working Yarn at the end. I don’t think I’m getting it right

you should knit to the end of the row, as you’ll be knitting the newly cast on stitches as well, and then dividing your stitches onto 2 circs, 3-4 DPNs or adjusting for magic loop. if your working yarn is at the wrong end, you may just be turning your work the wrong way when you prepare to join.

have you done socks before? it sounds like it’s the same idea, only you’ve been working straight for so many rows already and joining them. maybe watching a video on DPNs or socks on 2 circs would be helpful for you.

I have a kid home sick with a fever (102.8 off and on)
and so we are stuck in my room together watcing TV (Dr Who on Sci Fi)
we got to a scarey part of an episode, JUST as I saw the Knitty site for this pattern and I said "Whoooooo"
She said “yeah, its scarey mom” and I laughed, and turned my laptop to show her and she said “Whoooooo, those are cute. Wait mom, what happened on the show, i missed it”

but they look like a LOT of fun to make
and I make rice socks all the time
this could be fun