Trouble with my first pair of gloves

I’m working on my first pair of gloves and I’m stuck on what to do with the the following instructions. I can understand except for the part below the “Commence Thumb Gussett” where it says pat. 22. I think I’m suppose to follow the first 22 or the last 22 stitches of the pattern rows from part 1 but I’m not sure. I’m confused because part 2 has 7 rows but I don’t know what rows from part 1 to follow. If rows 1-4 in part one are all part of comprise the patt then how do I know which row I’m supposed to follow? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here’s part of the patter below:

Part One:
R. H. GLOVE: Cast on 40 sts. and work 1-1/2 ins. in k. 2, p. 2 rib, beg. the 1st row with k. 2. Inc. into the 5th and 15th sts. on the last row (42 sts.). Now work as follows:–
1st row: P. 22, k. 20.
2nd row: P. 20, k. 22.
3rd row: (K. 2, p. 2) 5 times, k. 2 (22 sts. to patt.), then k. to end.
4th row: P. 20 (p. 2, k. 2) 5 times, p. 2 (22 sts. to patt.).
These 4 rows comprise the patt., and are repeated throughout for back of hand while the palm, thumb and fingers are worked in

Part Two:
1st row: Pat. 22, k. 1, k. 3 times into next st., k. to end.
2nd row: P. 22, patt. 22.
3rd row: Patt. 22, k. 1, k. twice into next st., k. 1, k. twice into next st., k. to end.
4th row: P. 24, patt. 22.
5th row: Patt. 22, k. 24.
6th row: P. 24, patt. 22.
7th row: Patt. 22, k. 1, inc. into next st., k. 3, inc. into next st., k. to end.

Thank you so much for your time in helping me!

By the time you get to that row, the pattern stitches should be well established and you should be able to just stay with it. It depends on whether you begin on the RS row of the WS row, but it’s probably the RS, so you work the first 22 sts in whichever stitch it looks like below your needles. I [I]think[/I] that would be the same as row 1 of the pattern. The pattern stitch repeats over 4 rows but you work them over and over again, so when you get to row 5, you would begin again on row 1.

Actually almost the entire glove is stockinette stitch except for rows 3 and 4 on the back of the hand. Keep the back of the hand in pattern rows 1-4 and when you get to the thumb gusset, keep a separate tally of those 7 rows for the thumb gusset. This will be easier to see as you start knitting the pattern. Maybe it would help to put a safety pin on the back of the glove to remind yourself of where that pattern goes until you can see it emerge.

Thank you so much for your insight! I’m brand new to this community and I love it. I’ll use your advice and keep trying. Thanks again for the help!