Trouble with my blanket

I’m new to crocheting and I’ve been following along a video to make my first blanket. However, as I’m working I’m noticing that if I lay it out straight, the bottoms kind of poke up. To get that to go away the blanket has to be kind of turned upwards almost in kind of a smile. What am I doing wrong? I’d appreciate the help!!

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Welcome to KH!
The blanket looks really lovely, a wonderful first project.
It could be that you’ve lost a stitch or two after the initial row. Counting sts will tell you if that’s happened. It could also be that your tension was looser in the beginning few rows causing the first rows to buckle.
@okckwilter @OffJumpsJack What do you think?

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I agree with salmonmac. Start by counting your stitches and make sure you didn’t lose a few somewhere along the way. Your edges look nice and even, a common place to lose a stitch here and there, so if your stitch count is still the same as your starting number, chalk it up to a change in your tension. From what I can see in your pics, the first row of your blanket does look more open. Is it possible you added a chain between stitches there? Regardless, nice job so far!


I’ve tried counting my stitches but I’m having a hard time counting properly.:weary: What should I do if it’s a problem with tension? Would I need to redo it? Thank you for your input!! I’ve only been doing this about a week so I really appreciate your help.

Keep in mind that I can be more than just a bit obsessive-compulsive, but I’d still attempt to get an accurate stitch count just to make sure it’s not an error on my part so I can learn to not repeat that error. Perhaps putting a marker on every 10th stitch would help?

Otherwise, it’s entirely up to you. Start over and count this first attempt as a learning exercise. Or leave it as is. If you plan to block your blanket when completed, it may very well block out beautifully. Tension issues will even out as you gain more experience. Your work already looks great for a beginner!

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Ok, thanks so much for the advice!!

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Welcome to Crochet on Knitting Help.

Large stitch count per row can be both tedious and difficult because of moving and handling the WIP.

I flip my hook around to use as a pointer, even poking through a stitch gaps to hold my place/count while I adjust the project.

Longer row counts may be easier to complete using a tally mark (on paper) for every ten stitches counted.

You may even use short pieces of contrasting yarn threaded through the project to help group and keep counts until done counting a row.

If your stitch count hasn’t changed but the length of your row has changed, then it probably is a change in tension.

Best to rip it out (frog it) and start over for a more satisfying result.

Good luck with your project. It is looking good.

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