Trouble with my Addi's

I’ve had my Addi’s for a while now and love them - use them for everything… but now, for some reason, they are splitting on me.
I’m knitting a little sweater for my great niece/nephew soon to be born.
I got to the 3rd row… the needle split from the wire… rats!
So I started over - made sure my needles were on strong… same thing happened. After it happened a 3rd time, I put them aside and began to knit with another pair, different co (forgive me but I think I got them as a ‘gift’ from some place and I only know that they are possibly bamboo). They had a different kind of locking mechanism and they seemed solid too.
This time, I was well into the sweater - just finished row 9 when these ones fell apart. I tried my best to catch all my sts but the markers fell off, etc… so I didn’t feel I had any choice but to yank it all off and give up! (Hubby was very understanding about his wife’s little temper tantrum… :slight_smile: Such a good guy…
I have no idea why this is happening. I’ve been using the Addis for years with no blemish on their quality. I love the wonderful nickel plating and the soft sound as they get to work…
But now… I don’t feel that I can trust them…! And further, I can’t trust the other needles either…
But it has occurred to me that I must be doing something wrong - many a different way of knitting… What to do?
Can anyone help me with this dilemma? I have a lot of baby knitting to do! :knitting:
:?? :shrug: :shrug:

Well age could play a part in this, but to have it happen 3 times in the same sweater I think there might be more going on.

What weight yarn and needle size are you using? Is the sweater knit in the round? If so what size cable is it?

If you are knitting a tight fabric that can put stress on the needles/cable. If you are knitting in the round and the stitches are too small for the cable you’re using it can put extra tension on the joins.

Oh… good to know, Jan! I think you are onto something. I’m going to try a bigger needle. I was thinking the yarn was too tight on the needle…
I’m going to go back and try again with a different needle.
Thank you so much for replying!
Maybe, now, I can love my Addis again!
TEMA :muah:
I’ll let you know!

Oh good! Let us know how it goes!

Hi Jan,
I’ve been knitting away on the baby sweater and not a bit of trouble. I upped the size of the needle from 4mm to 4.5mm and that did the trick!
I’m so happy; it’s been praying on my mind that I have to get on with knitting for this baby-to-be; it will be here before you know it.
Thank you so much!
You are wonderful! :happydance:
TEMA :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

You’re welcome, Tema! I’m glad it worked out!