Trouble with loose top and bottom stitches

:shrug: Hi! I’m very new to knitting. My bottom (and top) stitches are so big and loose! I’ve tried not woring them; still having a problem. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance!

What’s a top or bottom stitch? Sorry, maybe you could explain a little better…


:oops: Oh sorry, should have explained that better. As I’m knitting along from row to row the very last stitch or very first stitch on the needle is very loose and “big”. I have tried not working that stitch, but usually I still have the problem. Thanks!

crystalle, what you can do is tighten up the first stitch which pulls on the last stitch just beneath it. And knit the first couple stitches in a row tight so there’s less extra yarn accumulating at the end of the row. There are a lot of threads on loose end stitches, you can do a search for them.

Mods, can we have a sticky on the last stitch being too loose? That seems to be a very common problem and question for new knitters.