Trouble with Joining Shoulders/Seamless am finishing a knitted jacket with a collar. It is all in Garter stitch. I am joining the shoulders and the back side of the collar to the back piece. I looked up how to join garter stitch and followed the directions, i.e., top of border to bottom, back and forth. This did not turn out well, you can see an obvious seam and because the top of my back and front pieces are different heights as it goes out to the shoulders it looks like a mess. Should I have just done a seamless stockingnet stitch instead? This has always worked for me but I’ve only used it when I’m doing stockingnet stitch.

I appreciate any advice I can get or direct me to some directions!!


Well, it won’t be completely invisible like a stockinette stitch seam would be. I had some problems with this doing a baby sweater, too.

Did you use this help here? You can see that it doesn’t look perfect.

What is the pattern?

Hi, I added the link to the pattern for the sweater jacket. Thank you.

I think it may not be as obvious if one of the pieces has a knit row on the last row, and the other the purl side on the last row. That might work better, or maybe if they were both purl sides on the RS.

You did duplicate posts on this topic and my reply is in the other thread.