Trouble with Gauge

I usually can figure out gauge with a swatch, but I am working on a stocking pattern that I am really having trouble with. If I change my needle size to achieve the gauge stitch width, the row width becomes an issue and the stocking will be way too long. It is a detailed stocking pattern with designs in each area of color. There is not really a place where I can reduce the amount of rows to get an appropriate height because it messes up the design. I might just have to have a really long stocking because the width is more important than the height, but I am trying to match the height of other like stockings that my aunt made. Any ideas?

Sometimes changing the needle size, even though you’re getting the stitch gauge will help the row gauge and not substantially change the st gauge. You might also try changing the kind of needle you’re using. It’s been suggested that that may alter row gauge without changing st gauge. I’ve never done this but it’s worth a try.