Trouble with edge of scarf?

I’m knitting a scarf using labrador. I’m knitting a twisted drop stitch scarf. (I knit a row, then do the twisted drop sitch on the following row, then repeat.)

The (left) edge is really loose and uneven. (very unsightly! :frowning: ) I have always had this problem with my knitting, but have compensated by tightening the stitch on last row of purl and loosening the 1st knit stitch of the row.

Since, this is garter I’m not sure what to do? :?? Should I rip back and knit each edge (rather than drop the last and 1st stitch of each row.) Or is there a way to even out the edge stitches.


I haven’t knit a drop stitch, so I don’t know if this will help, but what if you slip the first stitch of each row?

Ingrid, I’ll try that?? Ummmm…not sure how that would work

Have you just tried giving it a little tug when you are done? That seems to even mine up for me.

:cheering: Ingird, :heart: :heart: What would we do with out you!! The slip the first stitch is working!! :thumbsup:

could I apply this slip 1st stitch technique to all my knitting, to eliminate my whoppy edges?

:XX: :happydance: ,

You can if you want, many people do. I’m glad it helped!

I recently did a project in a drop stitch, and I slipped the first stitch, knitted the second stitch, did the (k1, yo) to the last 2 sts, and knitted the last 2. This made the edge quite stable.