Trouble with directions

sorry…directions problem…again with me. :slight_smile: I am working a
baby pattern

It reads exactly:

k2 edge st, p6, 16 sts of braid pattern 1, p 6, 8 sts of braid pattern 2, p6, 16 sts of braid pattern 1, p6, k1 edge. (I actually got that part)
braid pattern 1 is worked for entre garment. braid pattern 2 is worked up to and for the armholw. on worng side rows work k sts on p sts in between the braids. after 12 rows of braid pattern inc as following…

ok…so am i to repeat the first section entirely for a while reapeating the p6 inbetween alternating with k on the other side?

That’s what it reads like.

ok Sue- I had to take the darn pattern to a professional knitter friend of mine and she says the translation is terrible and to pick something else. I have emailed the company I bought it from, but in the mean time I am picking something else.