Trouble with casting and first row

Ok I can knit and purl like crazy but I seem to have trouble with my first row not being tight like my last row (when I bind off). Should I try starting with a smaller neeble? It just seems my first knit row is way loose compared to the rest and it makes everything look bad. Any ideas. I really want to start on bigger projects like afgahans but I’m don’t want one side to look like crap.

How much have you knit? If you are only knitting a few inches at a time keep going before binding off. It takes practice to get your tension nice and even. If you really are having trouble with a loose cast on then you could try going down a needle size. Most new knitters have too tight a cast on so this is a new one for me. :wink:

What type of cast-on are you using? For me, knitting on makes a tighter stitch than other types.

I’ve been Knitting for about 6 months. I’ve done lots of scarfs (about 10) and they all have loose cast on. I cast one using the needles ( I can’t do it the other ways). I’ll try a smaller kneedle tonight and see how it goes.

Thanks guys :muah:

OK now I feel stupid. I’ve been casting on wrong the whole time. when I checked out the videos here I figured out what I was doing wrong. Now my Cast on is tight and looks like my binding off side.

I guess I’m not that stupid but the directions in the book I’m learning from where not very clear. I’ll start using it and the videos here for now on. lol cloud9