Trouble with a shawl pattern- anyone help?

I’m relatively new to this whole “pattern” thing. :teehee: I’m trying the Anthracite Shawl in Ponchos & Wraps, A Knitter’s Dozen. Out of the gate I’m having some confusion. I have section A and B knitted, and I’m having trouble visualizing what the directions say for section B. Since it’s not the whole pattern I don’t think it’s copyright infringement for me to post these three sections - if it’s a problem pls let me know and I’ll edit:

Section A
Invisibly cast on 10st. Knit 20 rows (10 garter ridges). Do not turn work. Place marker on this square to mark RS of work.

Section B
With same end of needle, pick up and K10 sts along left side of section A. Knit 20 rows (10 ridges) over these 10 stitches.

Section C
Pick up and knit 10sts along the left edge of section B (got it), then place 10 sts from cast on edge of section A onto other needle end, removing waste yarn, then knit these 10 stitches. ([color=indigo]Well… here’s where I run into trouble. :shrug:[/color] Knit 20 rows over 20 sts.

Okay for those of you who understand by reading I’ll explain the problem.

The problem is that when looking at the RS of the work, the left side of section B is opposite of the cast on row. Between them is another set of stitches on the other needle, too. If I knit into the left side of section B and then knit into the cast on row, this will twist the work.

For visual folks, here’s a photo of the work thus far, and arrows and all that so you can hopefully see the problem I’m having. I have a hard time just ‘trusting’ a pattern when it doesnt’ make sense because I really really really don’t want to frog something I’ve put hours or days or months into, just because the pattern is messed up. I’d rather ask and ask as I’m going. LOL

Okay, I hope that makes sense. Any ideas? :wall: