Trouble with a pattern

Hi! My name is Savanna. I’m what I would call “a just-below-intermediate” level knitter. I’m knitting a baby sweater for a friend of mine and I’m really struggling with the wording of the pattern I’m following. It works from the bottom up, so I garter-stitched until the piece was 6”, and then moved on to the sleeves step. It says the following:
“Make two sleeves the same:
With spare #11 needles, cast on 17 sts with Color A, knit 2 rows
With color B, knit 2 rows, with color A knit 2 rows
AT THE SAME TIME starting on the 6th row, increase 1 stitch on either end of last row of color A, 4 times every 4 rows.
25 sts.
Work until sleeve measures 6” ending with row 2 of color A.
With color B, bind off 2 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows.
Join color A to the right side of the body, knit 13 sts.”
It then has a long list of slip stitching which I think I understand.

I’ve never knitted a sweater bottom up before, but am I wrong to be confused by this? Should I knit individual sleeves separate from the body and then join them onto the body? Or am I knitting the sleeves directly from the body? And a potential problem: I’m using 4 colors instead of 2. Might that cause trouble with me reading the pattern? It hasn’t so far, but the sleeves seem more complicated.

Please help! I’ll try to include photos for reference but it’s been years since I used a forum!

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Your knitting looks very pretty and even.
Yes, the sleeves are knit separately and then joined to the body at the paragraph with the slipped and bound off sts (armhole).
Since you’re using 4 colors, it might be best to knit the sleeves one at a time. When the second sleeve is complete go on to the slip stitch paragraph.
It may help in reading the pattern to number the rows rather than pay attention to the colors A and B.
The increases for the sleeves are at each end (2 increases per increase row).
Can you tell us the name of the pattern?