Trouble With 2nd Stitch

[COLOR=“Navy”]Hi, I’m Chelsey and I’m new to knitting.

I got how to cast-on, and I got how to make the first row with the garter stitch. And I understand that to make more rows after that, you do the same thing as the first. But when I start at the 2nd row, it seems I get some sort of knot and have little to no slack between needles. When I try to knit this way and get down to the end, I lose some of my first row and have to start over again. I’m so frustrated. :confused:

How am I doing this wrong?[/COLOR]

It’s possible that when moving the yarn to the back you have it up over the needle which pulls up the first stitch and it looks like 2 strands. Hold the yarn out to the side a bit so you can clearly see the first stitch.

I had this problem when i first started knitting. I cant remember exactly what i was doing wrong, but i know i fixed it by taking my time and being careful that i was inserting my needle properly into the front loop of the stitch and not into the ‘knot’ of the stitch or between the two stitches, and making sure that my working yarn was always in the back of my work before starting the stitch.

I had this problem when I started the other week, too. (I am a newbie, also.) For me, I was trying to do the knit stitch entirely wrong. I went back and looked at my book (a how-to with lots of pictures) and watched the basic videos on this site. I realized that I was instering my needles wrong and moving my yarn in the wrong direction. There are two methods (Continential and English), so make sure you know which one you are trying to do before you watch anything instructional OR try the other method… maybe it will be easier for you. :slight_smile: The other suggestions above were also mistakes that I was making, so just keep trying! You’ll get it. :cheering: