Trouble w/ Slip Stitch Ribbing

I’m doing a slipped st ribbing where I cast on an even number of sts and am doing K1, Yarn forward, slip 1, Yarn back and repeat from K1. My problem is that the slip 1 is getting tighter and tighter and harder to slip. I’m slipping as if to knit. it is like it is just twisting more and more and is making this ribbing difficult.

Am I doing something wrong?

What pattern are you doing? I’ve never noticed tightness slipping, but I usually slip as if to purl. :think:

When you slip a stitch that you don’t work until the next row, you slip purlwise. It does indeed twist that stitch if you slip knitwise and makes it tighter to work on the next row.

I was always under the impression that when a stitch was slipped and not being worked or passed, then it was to be slipped purlwise. That might be causing your twisting.

Edit: Crap, Suzee beat me to it.

THANK YOU! I’ll frog and start over. I learn something new every day with knitting…thanks to this wonderful forum. Y’all are my heros.

I’m knitting a hat… I’ll share pix when I get er done.

Mucho thx!