Trouble reading pattern

Help! I am knitting a sweater. I just finished 5 rows on the sleeve…knit, purl, knit, purl and increased on the knit which was the 5th row. My pattern says working in stockinette stitch continue to increase one stitch at each edge in same manner, every 8 rows 5 times. Do I start with a knit row even though I ended on a knit row? Or do I stay in stockinette and work a purl row?


Stay in stockinette, begin the next set of sts with the purl row. The 8th row will also be a knit row, so you repeat the sequence.

Dear Ravelry,

Thanks so much! I have been trying to figure that out for two weeks…finally decided to join the knitting help forum and there’s my answer. This is going to be one of my favorite websites ever.


This is something a lot of us find helpful. Work the two sleeves at the same time . That way if you happen to lose count on the increases, your sleeves will still match.

most those repeating increases are in the knit-row of a pattern, because a lot of increases and decreases can be make more neat and sometimes more specific from that side. So a lot of times you need to increase every few rows (the pattern tells you where) in the knit rows. Just as a rule of thumb.

Joining here is a really good idea, though.

I knew a LOT of knitting and had 30 years of experience under my belt when I joined but I still learn a lot, can help a lot and find a lot of inspiration here almost daily. My real life friends and workmates are a little shocked about the amount of knitting knowledge that there simply IS anywhere and that I find so much of it! Its fun stunning people all the time with new stuff! And it is very helpful for my knitting progress!