Trouble reading a pattern

You have no idea how happy I am to find this site!! yay! Thank goodness for the internet!:cheering:

I am having trouble with some instructions.

With three stitches on my double pointed needle, I read the next line of instruction (this is the one I am having trouble with):

Row 2 : K1, (k1, yo, k1, yo, k1) all in yo, k1 - 7 sts. Knit 8 rows.

so I knit my first stitch, knit the second stitch and then yarn over and knit the third stitch - now I am out of stitches! How can I yarn over and knit anymore stitches when I only had three on my needle to start with?

Any help you can give me would be so greatly appreciated! I have searched YouTube and have only found instructions showing how to yarn over.

I am new here so cannot post the link to the pattern I am using but it is a free pattern from the Berroco site called “Strozzi”

Nope you do the (k, yo k) all in the 2nd stitch, then knit the last stitch. Knit into it and leave it on the left needle, wrap the yarn around the needle and knit into it again, then let the old st off the needle.

Aha! I THINK I understand… thanks SO much for your help!

I knit the first stitch - then do I yarn over before knitting that second stitch? or don’t yarn over until after I knit into it?

Each yarn over adds one stitch, is that right?

I think changing the type of yarn I use will help me too - I’m using some cotton right now and it gets really tight when doing the yo in that second stitch - would larger or smaller needles help perhaps? I am very new to knitting so not sure about such things.

Again, thanks so much for your help!

Let me break it down by actions…

Knit the first stitch.
Knit into the 2nd stitch then YO and knit into it again.
Knit the last stitch.

You actually add 2 sts on the 2nd stitch, both the YO and the extra knit into it. Looser tension will help, or larger needles, especially with cotton yarn.

You do the (k1, yo, k1, yo, k1) all in one stitch, which was a yarn over in the prior row. That’s a lot to do in one stitch, it’ll be tight for sure - just make sure to pull the yarn thru enough over the right hand needle before you do the next stitch/yarn over.

Thanks so much! I’ve been working at it since suzeeq replied - am off to keep at it! Had 8 stitches after my first try (should have 7) but I’m sure if I just keep at it, I’ll get it eventually!
So thankful for your help!! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

With help from the fabulous folks in the forum I was able to complete my project! Here is a pic! Again, thanks so much:heart:

Nice job! Perseverance wins again!


Perserverance and!