Trouble reading a pattern - Sleeves

Hi all,

I have finished back and front of pullover. But I stuck on sleeves pattern

Pattern says:

Work in st st, inc 1 st at beg and end of every 4th row 8 (7, 8, 7) times, [B]them every 6th row 7 (8, 8, 9) times[/B] — 57 (57, 63, 63) sts. Continue without shaping until piece measures 20" (21", 22", 22") from beg. BO.
My question is; Is there missing any word on the bold sentence ?
It says: “them every 6 th row”, them what? Is it inc, decrease,knit, purl?
Thanks in advance


It should say THE[B]N[/B] every 6th row.

Thanks a lot:woot:

So, I will inc 1 st [B]at beg and end of every 4 th[/B] row 8 times also I will inc 1 st [B]at beg and end of every 6 th[/B] row 7 times

Am I right?


Do the increases every 4th row for 8 times [B]then[/B] switch over to doing the increases every 6th row. Don’t try to mix them up doing incs every 4th row and every 6th row. You’ll be increasing more often at first, then not so much as you go up the sleeve. Look at your arm and see how it’s shaped…

Yes, it makes sense.
I made a excell chart in order not to mix.

Thanks again