Trouble making Bobbles

I have a pattern which is a bit challenging for me. I can figure everything out except how to make the bobble. They give instructions but I really don’t know what they are talking about “same stitch”. Here’s their bobble recipe:
"[k1, p1. k1, p1] all in one st., turn, k4, turn, k2, k2tog, then pass 1st and 2nd st over the ktog stitch"

Can anyone figure this out?

You’re going to be knitting 4 stitches into one stitch. Knit as you normally would, but don’t slide it off. Move your yarn forward and purl into that same stitch, but don’t slide it off, move the yarn back, knit again, don’t slide it off, yarn forward, purl again and THEN slide it off. You’ll have 4 stitches where you had one.

Then turn your work and knit these four stitches.

Turn the work back and k2, k2tog on these 4 stitches, and then take the two stitches you just knit and pass them up over the k2tog stitch and off the needle. You’ll be back to one stitch.

Thanks, I’ll try the bobble again with your instructions. I think the confusing part is not sliding the stitches off, that’s where I’m running into troubles. I pulled everything out so I’ll have to start again.

:notworthy: Ingrid
thank you for making something confusing clear! I am deeply appreciating your efforts to explain.